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Septuagesima70 and Adventus30

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

One of Iria Foundations most successful initiatives has been the excellent programs which are run annually prior to Christmas and Easter, and which have become known as Adventus30 and Septuagesima70. The feedback that has been received from past participants, has been humbling to the organisers, to say the least.

It’s worth noting here a few responses from participants who have joined in these programmes in previous years:

All of these programmes are provided to anyone who wishes to participate completely free of charge. The programmes are rigorous and, especially Septuagesima70, involves quite a deal of commitment on the part of its chaplain, who provides participants from all around the globe to meet together in a group session with a spiritual exhortation, and the opportunity to provide feedback, four times a week during the programme. Many of the participants also contact him for personal advice and to tailor the programme to their personal needs.

Both Septuagesima70 and Adventus30 fit squarely within the goals of the Iria Foundation to provide to as many people as possible the riches of the Catholic traditional faith, whilst utilising the best modern means to ensure that this can reach the widest number of people, particularly those who do not live in a metropolitan city and might not, otherwise, have access to some of these resources.

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