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The Third Period

Practices from Passion Sunday until Easter Vigil, including Holy Week


We will really hone our penances when we come to the final two weeks of Lent, and especially in Holy Week. In addition to the above practices, in these last two weeks we will adopt total abstinence from meat, fish, dairy (incl. eggs) and oil. This is the true Lenten fast (which began on the First Sunday of Lent and carried right through) and we will try adopting these practices only in these last two weeks, not the entire period. Veggies, veggies, veggies. As much bread as you like. Just simple fare, to remind us of the luxuries we take for granted, and to do penance for our sins, as Our Lord goes to His Cross. Ideally, if daily Mass has not been happening, there might be the possibility of a daily or occasional Mass in this period, in addition to our regular Holy Hour. Additional prayer will include reading, over the two weeks, the Passion Gospels of Sts. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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