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The Martyrology - 3rd February

On the morrow we keep in England the feast of the holy Confessor Laurence, Archbishop of Canterbury, who governed that church in succession to holy Augustin, and who converted King Ethelbert himself to the faith, of whom mention is made as upon this day.

Upon the same 3rd day of February, were born into the better life:

At Sebaste, in Armenia, the holy martyr Blase, (about the year 316,) Bishop of that city, and the worker of many miracles. Under the President Agricolaus he was long flogged, then hung to a beam, where his flesh was rent with iron combs, then he suffered a foul imprisonment, after which he was cast into the lake, and, forasmuch as he came out thence unhurt, he was beheaded, by order of the same judge, along with two lads.

Before him seven women, who were collecting the drops of his blood as they fell during the torture, were arrested for being Christians, and after being grievously tormented were put to the sword.

In Africa, the holy Deacon Celerinus, who was kept nineteen days in prison, and was a glorious confessor of Christ under the lash, and in iron chains and other sufferings, and while he overcame the adversary of his contending by his invincible firmness, he led the way for victories for others, (in the year 280.) Likewise the holy martyrs Laurentinus, (these martyrs mentioned by Cyprian, Letter 34,) and Ignatius, his father's and mother's brothers, and Celerina his grandmother, who had before him been crowned with martyrdom, to the glorious praises of all whom there remaineth to witness an epistle of blessed Cyprian.

Likewise in Africa, the holy martyrs Felix, Symphronius, Hippolytus, and their Companions, (in the year 270.)

In the town of Gap, (in the second century,) the holy Bishops Tigides and Remedius.

At Lyon, (about the year 486,) holy Lupicinus and Felix, Bishops of that see.

On the same day, (in the year 865,) holy Anschar, Bishop of Bremen, who brought the Swedes and the Danes to believe in Christ.

And elsewhere many other Holy Martyrs, Confessors and Holy virgins.

R. Thanks be to God


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