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The Martyrology - 18th December

On the morrow we keep the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary looking shortly to be delivered.

Upon the same 18th day of December, were born into the better life:

At Philippi, in Macedonia, (in the year 107,) the holy martyrs Rufus and Zozimus, who were of the number of the disciples by whom the early Church was founded among the Jews and Greeks of whose happy contending holy Polycarp writeth in his Epistle unto the Philippians.

At Laodicea, in Syria, the holy martyrs Theotimus and Basilian.

In Africa, the holy martyrs Quintus, Simplicius and others, who suffered in the persecution under the Emperors Decius and Valerian.

There also the holy martyr Moysetes.

Likewise in Africa also, the holy martyrs Victurus, Victor, Victorinus, Adjutor, Quartus, and thirty others.

At Mopsuestia, in Cilicia, holy Auxentius, Bishop (of that see;) he was originally a soldier under the Emperor Licinius, but chose rather to cast away his military belt than to offer grapes to Bacchus; he afterwards became a Bishop, and fell asleep in peace, famous for worthy deeds, (fourth century.)

At Tours, holy Bishop Gratian, who was ordained by holy Pope Fabian as the first Bishop of that city, and fell asleep in the Lord, famous for many miracles. (He was a disciple of the Apostles.)

And elsewhere many other Holy Martyrs, Confessors and Holy virgins.

R. Thanks be to God


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