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The Martyrology - 15th February

Upon the 15th day of February were born into the better life:

At Brescia, the holy martyrs Faustinus and Jovita, who under the Emperor Hadrian, after many glorious contendings for Christ's faith, received by martyrdom a crown of victory, [about the year 122.]

At Rome, the holy martyr Crato, [the Orator,] who was baptized by blessed Valentine, Bishop [of Terni, in Umbria,] along with his wife and his whole house and no long while after, he and they together attained unto martyrdom, [in the year 273.]

At Terni, [in the year 270,] the holy Virgin and martyr Agapis.

Also the holy martyrs Saturninus, Castulus, Magnus, and Lucius.

At Vaison, in Gaul, holy Quinidius, Bishop of that see, whose death, [in the year 578,] how precious it was in the sight of the Lord miracles do oftentimes witness.

At Capua, [in the year 695] the holy Confessor Decorosus, Bishop of that city.

In the province of Valeria, [in the sixth century,] the holy Priest Severus, of whom blessed Gregory writeth that by his tears he recalled a dead man to life.

At Antioch, the holy Deacon Joseph.

In Auvergne, [in the sixth century,] the holy Virgin Georgia.

And elsewhere many other Holy Martyrs, Confessors and Holy virgins.

R. Thanks be to God


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