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Passiontide - The Third period of Septuagesima70

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Dear All,

Passiontide is upon us. Our Lord enters into His Passion for us men and for our salvation.

If Lent has not gone so well, if our practices have been missed here and there, let us, from now on put new heart and love into all that we do, and walk with Our Blessed Lord as He goes to His Cross for us.

Our Practices in this period begin on Monday (not Sunday), and we proceed to live the traditional Lenten fast: no meat, no fish, no oil, no dairy. In addition to those abstinences and penances we had already adopted. Veggies and lots of them, will be our penance in these two weeks. We can do this. And we can especially do this for our sins, and the sins of the whole world.

A blessed Passiontide to all.

Semper in Domino et Domina,

Fr. Withoos

Dylan Shogren

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